• Add global, type level, or field level authorization checks to your schema
  • Validating your inputs and arguments
  • Quickly define data-loaders for your types and fields to avoid n+1 queries.
  • Relay
  • Easy to use builder methods for defining relay style nodes and connections, and helpful utilities
    for cursor based pagination.
  • Define simple object types without resolvers or manual type definitions.
  • Mocks
    Add mock resolver for easier testing
  • Sub-Graph
    Build multiple subsets of your graph to easily share code between internal and external APIs.
  • Integrate with existing schema graphql directives in a type-safe way.
  • Make any part of your graph subscribable to get live updates as your data changes.
  • Errors
    A plugin for easily including error types in your GraphQL schema and hooking up error types to resolvers.
  • Prisma
    A plugin for more efficient integration with prisma that can help solve n+1 issues and more efficienty resolve queries
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