This is a high level overview of some of the internal concepts used in GiraphQL, and is not critical to normal usage of GiraphQL in an application.

Type System

The type system that powers most of the GiraphQL type checking has 2 components. The first is the SchemaTypes type param passed into the SchemaBuilder. This allows a shared set of types to be reused throughout the schema, and is responsible for providing type information for shared types like the Context object, and any Object, Interface, or Scalar types that you want to reference by name (as a string). Having all type information in a single object can be convenient at times, but with large schemas, can become unwieldy.
To support a number of additional use cases, including Unions and Enums, large schemas, and plugins that use extract type information from other sources (eg the Prisma, or the simple-objects plugin), GiraphQL has another way of passing around type information. This system is based in Ref objects that contain the type information it represents. Every builder method for creating a type or a field returns a Ref object.
Using Ref objects allows us to separate the type information from the implementation, and allows for a more modular design.
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