• options: [FieldOptions]


type FieldOptions = {
type: ReturnType;
required?: boolean;
description?: string;
deprecationReason?: string;
  • required: boolean, defaults to false, unless overwritten in SchemaBuilder see

    Changing Default Nullability.

  • description: string

  • defaultValue: default value for field, type based on type option.

Type Parameter

A Type Parameter for a Field can be any InputTypeRef returned by one of the SchemaBuilder methods for defining an InputObject, Enum, or Scalar, a ts enum used to define a graphql enum type, or a string that corresponds to one of they keys of the Scalars object defined in SchemaTypes.


A set of helpers for creating scalar fields. This work the same as field, but omit the type field from options.


  • string(options)

  • id(options)

  • boolean(options)

  • int(options)

  • float(options)

  • stringList(options)

  • idList(options)

  • booleanList(options)

  • intList(options)

  • floatList(options)