GiraphQL is a plugin based schema builder for creating code-first GraphQL schemas in typescript.

Hello, World

import { ApolloServer } from 'apollo-server';
import SchemaBuilder from '@giraphql/core';
const builder = new SchemaBuilder({});
fields: (t) => ({
hello: t.string({
args: {
name: t.arg.string({}),
resolve: (parent, { name }) => `hello, ${name || 'World'}`,
new ApolloServer({
schema: builder.toSchema({}),

What GiraphQL offers

  • A type safe way to build GraphQL schemas with minimal manual type definitions and no build

    process for generating type definitions

  • A powerful plugin system that enables extending almost any part of the schema builder, as well

    as adding runtime features like authorization.

  • A lack of dependencies: GiraphQL uses graphql as it's only peer dependency

  • A set of plugins for common use cases: